"Pursuing a Dream"

Be it Neurosurgery or any other objective in life it should be pursued with passion.
Dreams and their fulfillment not only make us happy but also grant us feelings of success. Therefore, taking into account that the being is at it is best while having feelings of happiness and that reward turns out to be one of the main causes of happiness, which is not a strange feeling for a woman. 

To begin, while the challenge of becoming a female Neurosurgeon is not only more difficult than a man becoming one, our feeling of success when we reach our goal is also greater, since we had to row upstream, against hard currents and harsh winds and when we get to that finish line and conquer our dream it is a feeling without parallel.

Important to realize, although societies have established points of view created by mankind itself, we are all equal beings capable of similar feelings, no matter how simple or complicated they may seem. For instance, these beliefs have created concepts suggesting gender specific task or careers, which in itself have become a challenge to change or defy in order of making a difference against the odds. 

For some, being different and unique is not only important but a constant drive in every direction of humanity making life on this earth both unpredictable and more interesting.

Pursuing the dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon has special rewards not only because of the fascinating challenge of understanding the anatomy and physiology of our Nervous System, (that we don’t understand completely just yet) but because it is one of the fields in medicine that entails facing the most severe diseases, which constantly test our skills and knowledge

Also, because Neurosurgery is an area of medicine that undergoes constant change and experiences numerous breakthroughs.

It is in this pursuit of solutions for treating difficult diseases that we are constantly challenged and the feeling of accomplishment is only surpassed by the feeling obtained by helping another “feel better”! It’s one of the things money just can’t buy, a Gift, a reason for existing.

It is in a Woman’s nature to give-up her dreams for love and many females with very huge talent hide behind this excuse. However, you can be a daughter, a sister, a spouse, a mother, a friend, and also a Neurosurgeon. Of course, for some trying to fit all those items into the bag of life may same impossible because of the thought of having to sacrifice more that one of those items to obtain a career in Neurosurgery, but I have had the privilege of meeting many brave women that didn’t hide behind this cliche.


Women In Neurosurgery societies are here to let other women know that they must set their goals, dream big and just go for it.

In fact, the female nature of giving, understanding and love, are crucial elements to Neurosurgery and medicine as a whole. Be it, providing direct care, performing the task of delicate surgery, listening, holding everything together, or empathizing with patients and their family, we have our very own special touch. While Males provide a sense of security and confidence this is not something exclusive to them, and with hard work, women are capable of obtaining not only respect from their fellow colleagues, but also trust from their patients and families. To emphasize, one of our greatest gifts is our female psychology, which facilitates communication with other human beings at their most vulnerable condition: when sick or at the illness of a loved one.  Women should not forget this natural trait, and take every advantage of it!

For most Women in Neurosurgery around the globe, there is a story of difficulties and sacrifices made in order to achieve their goal, but you must realize men have had these same struggles too, its only because there are more male neurosurgeons it seems that it is more difficult for a woman, but really it is not.  You just have to learn to balance your goals and priorities like any career, and go for it with zeal.

In general, there are common situations and problems that you may encounter like in any career. First off, one of the reasons for the creation of organizations the support women pursuing this wonderful profession is to establish a greater power by numbers to help upcoming female Neurosurgeons conquer their dreams. Since, There is no situation or problem that we all have not faced to a certain extent, and while at times certain experiences may make us feel overwhelmed of discouraged, never forget your dream and always keep it present, savoring the great and even the smallest satisfactions it brings at every moment of your life.

Finally, Neurosurgery makes us humble and appreciative of life. To Clarify, it is a constant reminder that there is a Superior Being and that life is as fragile as a sand castle, but it all gains meaning and purpose with dreams and goals, so dream on and never give up!

-       Ena Miller Molina de Selman MD
-       Former President ASOCAN
-       Senior Delegate of ASOCAN to the WFNS


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